Cutting Edge Solutions is renowned for providing high volume, precision punching services to a broad range of businesses and industries.

We can accommodate for any punching styles be it round, square, rectangle or custom.

If it’s punching you need then Cutting Edge has the machinery and the experience to do it better than anyone.

Cutting Edge also has extensive drilling capabilities.

Capabilities & specifications:

  • Punching: 100 tonne cropper maximum capabilities with constant of 728, constant = diameter x thickness. E.g. ( 26mm hole x 28mm thick plate ).
  • Punch Rail: Single punch or double punch capabilities of 16mm and 19mm round holes. Max length of tubing: 7.32m. Standard tube is 38mm x 25mm.
    • Pitch capabilities up to 7.2m and as small as 85mm with a consistent locating device or 20mm using only a hitch feed.
    • We can purchase new tooling to accommodate for any custom punching requests but tooling costs will apply.
  • Drilling: 2 Pedestal Drills with a bed depth of 1m, which can drill up to 32mm holes. 1 drill/milling machine which can accommodate for most standard requests.