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CES Steel Supply and Cutting Service

At CES, we do all the hard work for you. Let CES Steel Supplies provide you with the highest quality steel products and a cut to size service for all your steel project needs. Founded in 1993, CES pride ourselves on providing outstanding quality products and services to our customers. 

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Cutting & Processing Solutions

Steel Cutting and Steel Sales in Campbellfield Melbourne. With over 25 years of experience, our steel experts have extensive product knowledge to assist you with any project needs. Our company’s philosophy has always been built on trust, reliability and an uncompromising commitment to our customer. Our extensive range of steel products & services include:

Cutting Solutions

Cutting Edge Solutions provides cost effective, precision cutting services for mild steel, stainless steel and aluminium.

At Cutting Edge we have an array of specialist cutting equipment and can accommodate almost any cutting requirements from single piece to bundle (pack) cutting.

We also have shearing & notching capabilities.

End forming solutions

There are many different tube end forms. The general categories include reduction, expansion and flaring.

Cutting Edge Solutions has tube end forming equipment that can do all of the above and also specialises in producing beads end forms.

If you require this service to complement your fabrication requirements please feel free to make an  enquiry via email


Punching & Drilling Solutions

Cutting Edge Solutions is renowned for providing high volume, precision punching services to a broad range of businesses and industries.

We can accommodate for any punching styles be it round, square, rectangle or custom.

If it’s punching you need then Cutting Edge has the machinery and the experience to do it better than anyone.

Cutting Edge also has extensive drilling capabilities.

Bending Solutions

At Cutting Edge Solutions we have the technology to bend mild steel, aluminium, stainless, copper and brass tube and pipe.

We can also manufacture custom tooling for any request of bending, as well as manufacture tooling for you directly.

The investment in bending technologies means minimal downtime and higher output resulting in fast turn around and outstanding service delivery to you.


At Cutting Edge Your Project is Our Passion. This means our focus is on having the capabilities to complete the job and service all of your project requirements.

Laser Cutting
Punching and Drilling
Steel Cutting – Bundle, Mitre and Straight
End Forming

Let CES Steel Supplies provide you with the highest quality steel products and a cut to size service for all your steel project needs

OR CALL: (03) 9357 6146