Cutting Edge Solutions provides cost effective, precision cutting services for mild steel, stainless steel and aluminium.

At Cutting Edge we have an array of specialist cutting equipment and can accommodate almost any cutting requirements from single piece to bundle (pack) cutting.

We also have shearing & notching capabilities.

Capabilities & specifications:

  • Brobo, auto saw for individual (single) cutting of all steel types up to 90mm x 90mm dimension and up to 8 metre lengths. Cutting angle capability: 45 degrees.
  • Bundle Cutting span capacity of 330mm H x 500mm W for pack cutting of mild steel, aluminium and stainless in the following specifications:
    • Pipe (hollow pipe)
    • RHS (rectangle hollow section)
    • SHS (square hollow section)
    • Solid bar (square or round)
    • UB (universal beams)
    • PFC (parallel faced channel)
    • UC (universal channel).
  • Bundle Cutting Angle Cutting Capacity is to 60 degrees. The max cutting length is up to 15m

Shearing (cropper):

Flat shearing maximum capacities are 610mm W x 16mm H or 400mm W x 20mm H.

Bar shearing max capacities are 45mm H x 45mm W (round or square).

Angle shearing max capacities are 152mm H x 152 W x 15mm thick.

Angle shearing can be performed up to 60 degrees.


Maximum notching capacities are; 63mm W x 90mm Depth x 12mm Thick. Triangular notching capacity of up to 90 degrees.