Capabilities & Specifications


  • 5 MIG welding machines up to 340 amps
  • 1 TIG welding machine up to160 amps
  • 2 Spot welding machines up to 60 KVA
  • Four jigging tables with a bed span up to 2.0m x 1.0m
  • Factory floor space to accommodate large span welding


  • Brobo, auto saw for individual (single) cutting of all steel types up to 90mm x 90mm dimension and up to 8 metre lengths. Cutting angle capability: 45 degrees.
  • Bundle Cutting span capacity of 330mm H x 500mm W for pack cutting of mild steel, aluminium and stainless in the following specifications:
    • Pipe (hollow pipe)
    • RHS (rectangle hollow section)
    • SHS (square hollow section)
    • Solid bar (square or round)
    • UB (universal beams)
    • PFC (parallel faced channel)
    • UC (universal channel).
  • Bundle Cutting Angle Cutting Capacity is to 60 degrees. The max cutting length is up to 15m

Punching & Drilling

  • Punching: 100 tonne cropper maximum capabilities with constant of 728, constant = diameter x thickness. E.g. ( 26mm hole x 28mm thick plate ).
  • Punch Rail: Single punch or double punch capabilities of 16mm and 19mm round holes. Max length of tubing: 7.32m. Standard tube is 38mm x 25mm.
    • Pitch capabilities up to 7.2m and as small as 85mm with a consistent locating device or 20mm using only a hitch feed.
    • We can purchase new tooling to accommodate for any custom punching requests but tooling costs will apply.
  • Drilling: 2 Pedestal Drills with a bed depth of 1m, which can drill up to 32mm holes. 1 drill/milling machine which can accommodate for most standard requests.

Bending & Rolling

  • Bending: Maximum bending capabilities are 3 inch / 76mm o.d pipe with a wall thickness of 3.2mm, 50mm solid bar and 65x65x5 rhs.
    • We have a 3m carage depth (the longest length you can feed into the machine from the stop to the mandrel).
    • The max swing length from the mandrel is 5m with a 90 degree bend or 3m with a 180 degree bend (the length of material which swings around as the machine creates the bend).
  • Rolling: Maximum rolling capabilities are 50x50x2m rhs, 25nb pipe/33.7mm and 100 x 6mm flat plate.
    • The smallest rolling length is 200mm and largest is 8m.
    • We have tooling for round pipe of 25nb/33.7mm, 20nb/26.9mm & 19mm.
    • The widest plate we can roll is 150mm x 3mm.
    • The smallest radius we can achieve is 100mm.

Finishing & Assembly

  • CNC Routing
  • Laser Cutting
  • Plasma Cutting
  • Folding
  • Powder Coating
  • Spray Painting
  • Linishing & Deburring
  • Plating
  • Polishing
  • Shot Blasting
  • Assembly