At Cutting Edge Solutions we have the technology to bend mild steel, aluminium, stainless, copper and brass tube and pipe as well as provide a broad scope of rolling services.

We can also manufacture custom tooling for any request of bending, as well as manufacture tooling for you directly.

The investment in bending technologies means minimal downtime and higher output resulting in fast turn around and outstanding service delivery to you.

Capabilities & specifications:

  • Bending: Maximum bending capabilities are 3 inch / 76mm o.d pipe with a wall thickness of 3.2mm, 50mm solid bar and 65x65x5 rhs.
    • We have a 3m carage depth (the longest length you can feed into the machine from the stop to the mandrel).
    • The max swing length from the mandrel is 5m with a 90 degree bend or 3m with a 180 degree bend (the length of material which swings around as the machine creates the bend).
  • Rolling: Maximum rolling capabilities are 50x50x2m rhs, 25nb pipe/33.7mm and 100 x 6mm flat plate.
    • The smallest rolling length is 200mm and largest is 8m.
    • We have tooling for round pipe of 25nb/33.7mm, 20nb/26.9mm & 19mm.
    • The widest plate we can roll is 150mm x 3mm.
    • The smallest radius we can achieve is 100mm.